Sunday, January 2, 2011

Imagination is GREAT!!!

Imagination is something that everyone is born with. Imagination can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed according to how people think. Imagination may seem flawed in many ways hence the term "Overactive imagination" came about. there are many instances where imagination is greatly needed. For example, without imagination, the abundance of jobs available out there is the world would be very limited and civilization will not occur. The building of a house requires a very clear image within the mind of the architect in order to create a home for the families. Without imagining how the final product looks like, there is no way the house can be completed. This post is short because I hate writing long posts. I'll summarize everything for you.
Without imagination, many things cease to exist. Without imagination, society cease to evolve. Without imagination.....why, I would not even be writing this post here. :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I want this blog to be......

This blog will be talking about how I think that by using imagination, one can overcome their fears, change their views in something, solve problems, relieve stress, and do complete other events. Using a quote that I like, "The possibilities are endless!", I saying that with a vivid imagination, the possibility of what an individual such as yourself is capable in accomplishing is endless. However, please be warned, whatever that I posted in this blog itself is not proven by anyone or anything. Everything in this blog is based on what I think and imagine...In fact, these blog will report most of my thought process. Sorry if you think this is bragging or being very arrogant, but I believe I have an imagination that allows me to anticipate what I observe and hence am able to almost change and adapt at the moment to suit what is right for me. The following posts shall be some evidence on what I claim. Once again, sorry and hope you will forgive me for saying all that I have said so far.

Hi Hi!! ^.^

Hi all!! Welcome to my first ever blog!! ^.^ 
I'm just a first timer over here so please help me out to improve this blog page even more
by posting comments or advice that can help me. Thanks all so very much!!! XD
To all bloggers, hope I can experience the fun that you all experience in creating a blog! Good luck to me I say. Tee hee~ ;)